A downloadable program for Windows

SkySpeech is a free and easy to use speech synthesizer. It was made by TimeWisely. It's primary goal is to read text out loud for users who may be visually impared, it is designed to be user friendly for everyone. If you are in need of using this program for other purposes, you are free to do so.

You are free to use this application as you want non-comercially. You cannot redistribute your copy of the SkySpeech application.

Keep in mind, we do not provide you with any voices, any voices that are included have been pre-installed by your operating system.

Thank you for reading, enjoy!

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TagsSingleplayer, text-to-speech, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly

Install instructions

Run the installer.exe file, and if a popup appears that says "Windows protected your PC" simply click on "More info" then click Run anway.

If UAC popups, click Allow.

Click next and follow the instructions.

Make sure to check "Launch SkySpeak"

The program will now run.

To get additional voices, you must download them externally. You can purchase voices here.


SkySpeak 3 MB