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Welcome To Gacha Animation Studio

This is an Unofficial fan application for users who want to start making Gacha Animations and skits, This software will include animation tools to manipulate your OCs. This is a free software for Windows.

This software will be released as a beta, Then it will be released fully. Please feel free to follow to view all our latest updates!

It is based off of the Gacha Life, GachaVerse mobile & PC applications. It is not intended to infringe on any copyright, This is strictly a FAN MADE SOFTWARE. Not a commercial business.

Development log


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PLEASE READ MY DEVLOG ON GAMEJOLT: https://gamejolt.com/games/GAS/440420/devlog/cancellation-on-gacha-animation-studio-ghqgg8eb

I really hope a public version of this tool will be released soon! Because, well, it looks to be very useful for the Gacha Comunnity!

One question. How do I download this software for my PC/Personal Computer?Maybe you didn't leave the download link?

The program isn't out yet.


i have a question.... how i download it?

so sign up or login to gamejolt ( heres the link:https://gamejolt.com/ )   and go to this link ( I'm not the owner but I'm just helping ) https://gamejolt.com/games/GAS/440420

Well... the sad truth of this is, The game is only in BETA for users who i have selected to join the BETA of the application. If you would like to join it, Please email me: official.skylightgaming@gmail.com - If you are selected, A GAMEJOLT account is required, https://www.gamejolt.com/