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Welcome to SkyLight Gaming's EAS SImulator!

This application allows you to create your own Emergency Alert System Alert Messages,

completely free of charge.

However, All i ask, if you use this application for content such as Videos, or games etc,

please do provide credit to the app and all of the artist who created the assets for EAS Simulator.

Thank you!



  • Font: VCR EAS Font @ www.ffonts.net
  • Old Sounds: EAS warning.wav by parabolix @ freesound.org
  • New Sounds: EASCreator @ sites.google.com/site/eascreator
  • Background: Nationwide Emergency Alert System @ facebook.com
  • Inspiration: Emergency Alert System Generator @ zfgc.com

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If i forgot to credit some people please contact me via my email:


Install instructions

Thank you for installing EAS Simulator!

  1. Run the EAS_Simulator.exe (You may get a false positive virus warning. The app is completely safe.)
  2. Agree to the License Agreement
  3. click next and adjust all settings accordingly to your liking
  4. once completed, tick "Launch EAS Simulator" and click Finish.
  5. Enjoy!

Notice: EAS Simulator isn't currently yet able to use itch.io's API in order to check for updates, i have created my own API for that job. However, that does mean that when and if it ask you to update, it may ask you to download an update from Gamejolt. The reason is because this app was initially on GameJolt.


EAS Simulator

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